Auditorium 3th floor

World-class standard Auditorium is suitable for events ranging from conference, seminar, annual meeting, virtual education, talk show, press conference and other special event and presentation.

- 312 seats, luxury chair with space between row 1.20 meters
- Theater & Lecture Style
- Full stage functions with guest waiting room behind
- 2 Exclusive dressing rooms for such events that may require those functions
- Acoustic board walls and ceiling

- 3rd floor Jasmine International Tower
- Easy access from high zone and low zone lifts and p6 parking building

- Standard Stage with 10.00 x 16.50 meters
- Registration desk
- 1 Podium
- 1 suits of guest speaker desk
- Projector with LCD display
- 4 Microphones with stands
- Advanced audio / visual equipment
- Air conditioning

- Engineer & Technician in control room
- 2 hours free as non air
- conditioning for set up
- Free parking spaces during rental hours
- Catering services
For more information
Please contact us via 0-2100-3549 or e-mail :